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Enhance the Beauty of your home with Plantation Shutters

Security Plus Shutters

When you’re looking for a window treatment that’s as functional as it is attractive, it’s hard to find a better option than plantation shutters. Plantation shutters offer protection for windows without sacrificing on style and modern features for your home.

Shutters have long been a popular addition to windows in homes all over Melbourne. In our hot and humid climate, a shutter controls the light and air coming in and out of a room, without compromising on privacy. In summer it protects from heat and glare and in winter it insulates against the cold. Cleaning and operating shutters is a breeze, making them a great low maintenance addition to any household.

Plantation shutters offer all the above but in a much more attractive package. Plantation shutters get their name from the big sprawling mansions of America’s Antebellum South made famous in movies like Gone With The Wind. They add the presence of a large and elegant stately home from a bygone era to today’s modern Australian home. Plantation shutters are usually made of wood that has been reinforced, allowing homeowners to enjoy an attractive finish, difficult to replicate with other materials without compromising on longevity.

Adding a plantation shutter to your home can also provide a much-needed design balance, drawing the eye upwards without taking up as much visual space as a curtain would and also providing a impressive textural contrast.

In terms of smaller homes and increasing the feeling of space, plantation shutters can also overlap above and below whatever opening you add them to, creating the illusion of a larger window or door area.

So, if you’re looking to add a window treatment that exceeds other options in attractiveness while still offering privacy and protection, then buying plantation shutters in Melbourne should be your natural choice. Call Security Plus Shutters to book your in-home consultation today.

Cover Large WindowsAs summer settles in and the heat starts to soar, the threat of bush fires has returned to Victoria. These fires can be started by human error as well as the lightning that accompanies thunderstorms, meaning that the threat is present in all weather conditions.

Many areas in Victoria are bushfire prone areas and you might reside in or near one. Your risk will depend on the type of vegetation surrounding you and your proximity to it, what kind of slope your property is located on and whether or not the Fire Danger Index applies to your area. In addition, you’d need to consider the guidelines set in place by local authorities on what kind of protection is required.

Even if you think you already have protection against bushfires, just remember that the Australian Standards of the construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas are updated regularly. These changes have led many to assume that making one’s home fire resistant is prohibitively expensive, when in fact most homes will rarely require the full depth of protection available and will probably only need bits and pieces of it.

Heat Shielding Properties

For most homes, the threat doesn’t come from actual flames but from the smoke and heat, as well as leaping embers that are often invisible to the naked eye. With this kind of threat, it’s necessary to cover large windows and doors in the home with protection that can withstand a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) A40 – the highest kind of protection available in aluminum roller shutters.

A good protection (in the form of a Fire-Rated Roller Shutter) can easily be used electronically and remotely (as power failures often accompany fires) and can protect the home in question from flying debris. It should also have radiant heat shielding properties up to 40KW/m² and have passed CSIRO quality testing too.

With a strong fire rated shutter you can eliminate the stress that comes with knowing a bushfire might occur, and at Security Plus Shutters we can help you out with getting this peace of mind through one of our fire-rated roller shutters. Why not call us today for more information?