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Protect Your Home and Your Family With A Security Door

Protect Your Home

Security is a natural concern of any homeowner. Our home is where we and our families are most vulnerable. It’s our haven, filled with the valuables that we work hard for, as well as a place our family members trust to keep them safe.

While many Australians spend time and money securing their windows with burglar bars and ensuring alarm systems will alert them to the presence of an intruder on their property, few spend much time on securing their actual door. And as local radio station 3AW recently brought to our attention, a new crime trend sweeping Melbourne involves penetrating this vulnerable soft spot to our home. http://www.3aw.com.au/news/rumour-confirmed-new-kickin-crime-trend-emerges-in-home-invasions-across-melbourne-20161115-gsq6g7.html

It seems that criminals are targeting homes without security doors and kicking them in. The home is then raided and the property abandoned in a matter of minutes, before security companies have even made it to the scene.

It isn’t just a loss of personal items that these ‘kick ins’ involve, as research shows these burglaries can turn ugly, fast. Melbourne crime statistics show that aggravated burglaries have increased by 39 per cent and that an increasing number of break-ins involve personal violence.

By taking a proactive step in getting a security door for your home, you can greatly increase your peace of mind and deter criminals from attempting to enter your home in the first place. The reason that many people put off installing one is that they are under the impression that the security door will be very obvious, drawing attention to their property and leading people to believe that there is a reason for the door…something valuable lies within.

Modern security doors actually resemble standard ones and don’t look bolted on. They are made from sleek aluminum or from stainless steel that has either been woven or perforated. These doors also feature diamond design and decorative grilles and are available in every colour imaginable, so they are likely to fit right in to any style of property you can think of.

So if you’re ready to take the next step by getting a security door installed, remember that you can get one that fits so well with its surroundings you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Security Plus Roller Shutters Add Value and Security to Your Home

Security to Your HomeWhen you need to protect your home or business from the elements and potential crime you need a solution that solves many problems. Many home or business owners opt for window roller shutters that do the job of deterring burglary but they cannot withstand our Australian weather conditions with its intense rain, sun and wind. Or they opt for roller shutters that can handle the weather and burglary attempts but aren’t very pleasing on the eye, and while security is always a priority the last thing you want is window roller shutters that flake or fade in the sun or let in rain and chilly drafts into the home.

One of the advantages that is commonly overlooked with window roller shutters is that they will save you money by insulating your home or business so well that your air conditioning and heating systems start working more optimally. And because we’ve tailor made them for Australian conditions they’ll work to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter and big heating & cooling costs can become a thing of the past!

At Security Plus, our Roller Shutters combine excellent security qualities with durability in all weather conditions and provide an attractive, functional appearance that adds value to any property. Our Roller Shutters act as an excellent visual deterrent to intruders; and should any burglar attempt to make an entry they’ll soon find that no tool is a match for the tough, interlocking aluminum slats we use.

When you install Security Plus Roller Shutters you can look forward to enjoying them from the day one & because we have been trusted by Home & Business owners throughout Melbourne for over 20 years you get that added piece of mind that your dealing with a reputable Australian company.

So when you are looking for a window roller shutters supplier in Melbourne, go with the company that has the trusted reputation & provides quality products that solve many of the above challenges. For a personalised no-obligation quote, call us on 1300 883 933 or speak with our live chat consultant on our website to book in a home assessment.