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Why Your Security Door Company Prefers Aluminium Doors Over Steel Ones


Need a security door that looks as good as it will perform? Then you need to choose one that’s made from the best possible material – one with excellent protective and decorative qualities. Most security doors either come as steel or aluminum options, and each has different characteristics as well as pros and cons. Many people assume that steel is the be-all and end-all of the strong materials, but here’s why your security company might prefer to use aluminum doors instead.

Energy Efficient

As a material, aluminum is recyclable. This means that you can expect it to last a long time without placing a negative impact on the environment. As modern homeowners have started to realize the importance of having a low carbon footprint home, aluminum security doors have increased in popularity.

Ability To Withstand Weather Conditions

Being able to withstand moist and unusual environmental conditions is an outstanding quality of your security door must-have. For this reason, most choose aluminum. This material has excellent corrosion resistant attributes and won’t need expensive repairing treatment in time. This is because it won’t rust or need repainting or recoating – a must for Australian homes exposed to salty air, extreme heat and rain. This isn’t the case with steel. Steel has to be painted to protect it from rusting and corroding when exposed to even standard environments, and this paint will dull and fade in time even if all it’s exposed to is the sun.

Strong For Protection

Security is crucial for the wellbeing for you and your family, and therefore you’ll want a security door in Melbourne & Sydney that cannot easily be penetrated or removed by thieves and criminals. In this case, aluminum comes out ahead in comparison to steel. We’re not referring to actual weight here, but instead, it’s strength and density per pound in comparison with steel.

If you’re still on the fence between aluminum and steel, you need to get in touch with Security Plus Australia for advice. Our experts will take you through the options available to you and help you select the one that meets your security needs best.  

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  • Sydney and its western suburbs including Penrith, Parramatta, Liverpool, Campbelltown, and Blacktown.

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